# DotMH AKA Martin Haynes!
            module Welcome

              def initialize 
                welcome "to DotMH." , [:com , :io, :"co.uk", :pw]

              DotMH.is "An Agile Ruby, PHP, Javascript and Coffeescript Developer"
              DotMH.has_a "Love of all things" , "Web" , "Code" , "and Videogames"
              DotMH.inspired_by [:Sci_Fi , :Comics, :Japan , :Videogames]
              DotMH.powered_by PEPSI_MAX


            # DISCLAIMER : This Ruby code is just to look pretty , it doesn't work
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Currently working on (side project)


If you need a hand with a worthwell project

Green Arrow Green Arrow is Copyright , Trademark and everything else legal of DC Comics and is in noway affilated with DotMH or Martin Haynes


I am at a bit of a loose end at the moment , and looking to do some good with my time.

If you have a project that you need a hand with, that is doing some good and you could use my skill set then do please get in contact. To be clear I am not looking for a financial gain, as long as your project will or even may help someone then I will be welling to help.

Contact me i-could-do-with-ur-help@dotmh.com

If you have a job with a company that is trying to do some good or make a difference , and you are looking to employ someone with my skills , all the better.

Contact me martin+job2014@dotmh.com.

I want to use my skills for some good , make a difference to people's lives so please do get in touch if I can help with anything, even if it is as simple as building a site for your charity.


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Looking for the old site you can still access it and all its contents at old.dotmh.com